Friday, February 29, 2008

Cubcamp 50: Into The Mouth of Darkness

I had the honor of leading a week 5 ride for Cubcamp this week, which also happened to be their 50th ride. Cubcamp is a fast paced pack of night time weekly riders hailing from the West Side, with whom I've now been riding with since last summer. They ride in a 5 week rotation, with week one being the easiest rides and week 5 being the most challenging.

Cubcamp 50
I scouted the 54 mile route on Tuesday and led the ride on Thursday. The name sake of this ride comes from a very steep drop in which you quickly lose a 1000 ft of elevation without any street lights. Scary, but so much fun. WeeeeEEEEEEeeeee!!!

And oh yeah, getting to this drop meant climbing from near sea level to 1200ft in a few miles at steep grades.

On the ride home we took a spin through the LAX terminal loop, welcoming late night arrivals to L.A. We hit the airport once before (about 1:13 into the video), and it's quite a fun little ride.

Thanks to those brave few who came out for this, as Richie would say, you're all diamond tuff. And Happy Birthday to Alex the mastermind behind the co-op bike shop Bikerowave, which is our meeting point for Cub rides. I'm glad you decided to spend your special evening with us on this masochistic adventure.

I Cubz.

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cattv said...

someday i'll be diamond tuff enough for 50 miles at full sprint. woot cubz!