Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Criterium Race

I have taken part in a couple unsanctioned street races in the past, however this past Sunday I took my first step into the world of sanctioned bicycle racing. A criterium is a bike race, typically a short loop on the road, in which you ride laps for a certain time depending on your category. As the time ticks down they announce announce laps remaining, and the winner is first across the line on the last lap.

As a beginner I was in the entry level, Category 5, which rode laps for a half hour on the course. The Cat 5 was a field of 50 64, and thanks to a hard sprint to the finish, I placed 13th in spite of having a cold, which left me coughing out a lung after crossing the line. It was fun, fast and exciting to be a part of, and I definitely felt a high off of it. There will be more attempts at racing in my future.

[Update: Click for official race results]

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