Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cubcamp: Friends of the Friendless

(Cubcamp light painting @ our ocean side stop)

West Side bicycle crew Cubcamp has begun a genius new tradition, that is to become a recurring ride every 5 weeks. This concept was first conjured last Thanksgiving for riders who weren't going out of town for the Holiday. The concept is to as a group search for a stranger who happens to be riding their bike. Then you follow them, escorting them to their destination while engaging with them.

(Our first new friend in the middle wearing pale blue)

Our first friend was so happy to be a part of this, that rather then continue home, she became part of our crew as we searched for new friends. She is in the middle there, in the picture above, at our first stop, a 7-11.

Some friends got spooked and fled, or pretended to arrive at their destination, but some were happy, even thrilled to have us follow them. Our last friend of the evening, cruising through Venice Beach, was so happy to have us escort him home, that he invited us up to his pad, and gave out free drinks. A couple guys, returning the favor, went out to restock.

(Here we are at our new friend's pad in Venice)

It was an incredible night, sharing such giddy excitement with complete strangers. I hope we see some of our new friends on future rides. The bicycle is a tool of transportation, but unlike the private automobile, it has the capacity to create spontaneous new social interactions that go beyond honking horns and flipping fingers. One more reason I ♥ bicycles.

(Photos from the evening by Alex and Stevo)

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