Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LAX Circuit Race

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At The Races

I competed in my third race this past Sunday, and prepared my self a little better this time around. Eating more the day before, and tapering off my training as I got closer to the race. Since LAX isn't that far from me, I rode to the race as part of my warm up.

This race was more intense than my previous ones, with a longer course (4 laps of 4 miles each in Cat V), more elevation change, and insane winds from the sea. Riding west bound it took serious muscle just to keep above 20 mph, but going east bound hitting 35 felt pretty effortless.

Here's a picture of me with my game face on, which is apparently more evil looking than I realized until seeing my self in the third person.

Me At The Race

I came in 20th place out of a field of 50, after swerving out of the way of a flying bike in the sprint to the finish. Luckily the rider came out of the bad tumble and roll with only a broken finger.

Crash in the Final Sprint

Exhausted and hungry I ate a protein bar and then went with my friends to Casey's Crepes, a popular spot near Otis where I went to school. Then rode back to Santa Monica with my girlfriend who had ridden her bike from Hollywood to come watch the race. So concluded another great weekend of bicycle action.

Post Race Exhaustion

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