Sunday, May 18, 2008

ibikeu Wiki

In the effort to catalog the massive and changing scope of bicycle culture in a more accessible way, bicycle activist Alex Thompson launched a bike wiki. The wiki, called ibikeu, is still in it's infancy stages, but has been opened to public editing and has been creating significant web traffic. Hot topics such as the freeway ride have been generating thousands of views.

At this time the wiki is heavily influenced by the Westside L.A. bike scene, as the founding editors all hail from the region. It mixes practical information, with the surreal silliness that can permeate in the party atmosphere of the bicycle culture. Editors from other cities are starting to come on board, and it will be interesting to see where this goes in a couple years. Right now some basic things to cycling are missing articles, while the use of the word Woah by cyclists is fairly detailed. In time this will likely balance out as more articles are filled in.

Since many topics of relative obscurity are being cataloged in the wiki at depth, I will likely link to the wiki in future blog posts as a resource for further reading of concepts and events that I reference requiring context. Bike culture has officially gone web 2.0.

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