Friday, May 2, 2008

Ventura to Ojai

On April 26th we loaded up our bikes on to Drew's car and in Danny's truck for
the last epic scale training ride of Team Midnight Ridazz before AIDS LifeCycle. It started in Ventura near sea level, and we made way up to 4000 ft. elevation in the mountains of Ojai. The temperature was grueling, reaching near 100 degrees in the height of the afternoon.

Stop For Supplies

Bike Trail

The landscape out there was a world apart from riding in L.A. and I stopped plenty of times not because I was tired, but to just take in the view of the surroundings.

Looking Back

The climbing seemed to never end, and once we were in the middle of it, we were too far to see the beginning anymore, with no end in sight. The thought of how incredibly awesome the coming downhill would be, kept my spirits up.

3000 FT. And Going
(my girlfriend passing the 3000 ft. marker)

After reaching the top around 4000 ft. up, we went down a side road to a camp site at the base of a hiking trail leading to one of the beautiful waterfalls we had heard so much about.

Hiking Trail

Hiking in cycling shoes was less then ideal, but once we reached the waterfall, basking in it's beauty and oasis of cool moist air, all the pain of the day was worth it. I actually can enjoy the hustle of cutting through car traffic riding in L.A., but there is nothing quite like being humbled by natural surroundings. I can't wait until June when we will get to experience the diversity of landscapes all across California.

Basking in Paradise
(photograph taken of me by Danny Gamboa)

The downhill was on the way back was glorious, flying around curves at 40+ mph for miles and miles. The well deserved reward for our substantial elevation gain that day.

The End

Sometimes at the end of the day you just need to lay down, and any old patch of asphalt will do.

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