Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ALC Day Zero

OMG We're here. It's the front entrance.

The day before AIDS LifeCycle begins, there is a mandatory orientation process, often referred to as Day Zero, and is held at the Cow Palace, also the site of the ride start. With a combination of bike and more BART action I got down there in fashionably late fashion. I learned quickly though rolling in later makes everything much easier because most everyone tries to process everything in the first couple hours of opening. Hence I waited in much shorter lines then most. On this day you also drop off your bike to be numbered and scanned into their highly official bike database system thing.

One of the essential parts of this orientation is a video, focused primarily on safety issues for riding on the road. Everyone must watch it in it's entirety. If you leave to go to the restroom, you have to come back and watch it all over again. Once you have seen it, you are given an orange wrist band of safety, that is to remain on your arm until the ride is over. It is rumored those without orange wrist bands are never heard from again. (* Not an actual rumor. Or is it...)

Madatory Orientation Video Madatory wrist band of safety.

This orientation day is also the last day to process money to your fundraising account and have it count toward the minimum requirement. Not everyone on the team had hit $2,500, but with some last minute checks we had available to process, we all hit the mark and were ready to ride, woooo!

With some time left to kill and now bikeless, we used the Muni to get back to the BART station and went to the Mission District in search of delicious vegan food from the notable veggie haven, Herbivore. In preparation for many long days of riding, it was time to exercise our other favorite pass time, putting food in our faces.

The Mission District was a cool place to walk, with lots of interesting murals and shops to feed the eyes as we made our way to feed our stomachs. Herbivore delivered the awesome, and lived up to it's reputation. Everything was exceptionally delicious. Pictured in the middle right below is their yummy carrot cake, but the vegan chocolate shake truly stood out, being the best chocolate shake of my life, vegan or otherwise. Mmmm chocolate...

Mission District Murals
Herbivore Herbivore Walking The Mission District

Satisfied and ready for early bed, in anticipation of the 5:00 AM arrival for cyclists the next day, we boarded the sleepy time train. Did I mention I love BART?


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