Monday, June 9, 2008

We did it. SF to LA in 7 Days on bicycles.

Along with my team and the thousands of other cyclists that made up ALC 7, I rode my bicycle, an 18 pound human powered machine, from San Fransisco to Los Angeles. Our team collectively raised over $53,000 in the fight against AIDS. It blows my mind when I really think about all this, and just a year ago I would not have thought it possible.

We finished last Saturday, and I'm a little tired and recovering now, but it wasn't so bad on the legs as I would have thought. Our training really paid off, especially when it came to the hill climbing. There is a century (100 miles) going away ride being held this Saturday in honor of the organizer of the Dark Century, and I'm confidant I'll be recovered in time for it.

Written descriptions and hundreds of photos I took from the week long AIDS LifeCycle event will be posted soon.

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