Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alternative Transit For Lunch

In the lull between trying to write out the detailed accounts of each day on AIDS LifeCycle, I wanted to interject some observations from my bike commuting today. On my way to the Co-Op market for a deli lunch, I observed a commuter on in-line skates (I don't count beach path skating, since in all likelihood they drove to get there and have no intention to leave the beach). I almost never see this except on the occasions I break out my own skates to get somewhere. Yes I do things besides cycling too.

Maybe in our future? This picture is from Canada, and hey did you know yesterday was Canada Day? (Photo credit Richard Drdul)

Then I saw a mo-ped parked in the bike racks at the co-op. Although not quite as efficient as the bicycle, a mo-ped is considerably less of a hog of fuel and land use space as other motored transit. I have mixed feelings about mo-peds using bike lanes though, especially when they are confused about their place on the road, weaving in and out of the bike lane with some kind of transportation identity crisis. Both times I encountered this I ended up passing the mo-ped on my bike, so maybe it's not such a good transit option after all.

As I finished my sandwich a gentleman on a three wheeled skater scooter thing (as I currently refer to them, since I have no idea what to call them) showed up and also parked amongst the bikes. You may have seen them as rental gimmicks on the beach path, with people swaying around for propulsion, but this was my first time seeing one off the beach. More wheels sans the car is always a positive in my book, and all this as news hits that auto sales, of all vehicle classes, are down down down [link].

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