Friday, July 25, 2008

The Big BANG!


It's hard to believe it was only just over a year ago that I was introduced to the bicycle culture in Los Angeles. My first Midnight Ridazz social ride was Independence Day of last year and was quite an epic and memorable weekend. This year at the Big Bang Ride to the Marina fireworks show on the fourth, it was a different feeling. None of this social mass bicycle craziness was new or mysterious anymore, but it was great to share in the excitement of sky bound explosions with the many friends I've made over the past year.

The night was capped off by an amazingly tolerated by Police performance by local cycling music duo Funderstorm, right in the center of the Wayward circle in Venice Beach. I had a great time amidst the dancers circling the minimalist music act, and it was great to see them at their last Los Angeles performance before their epic tour. As we speak they are pedaling with fully loaded touring bikes preforming coast to coast on their way to New York. Their adventure can be followed on their blog, and a word of caution it may hurt your eyes. F.U.N.!!!

Funderstorm Funderstorm

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