Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Velo Nostalgic

Although I thought of my passion for cycling primarily being ignited in the past year or so, I recently stumbled across some old writings from high school. It was actually during high school that I learned to ride, which was later then most of my friends, who had since moved on to interest in cars then. 

Lately with bike commuting, training for events like AIDS LifeCycle and now racing, or riding with masses to party or make a political stand, I sometimes forget the simple pleasure of just riding to ride. No agenda, no lactic threshold max, no destination, just me, my bicycle and the cool evening air. On that note, here is a poem I wrote as a teenager, just then discovering the joys of a bicycle. I'm going out for a ride, and I bid you all a good night.

Bike ride in the evening

The night is empty.
I am alone,
Riding in the moon light.
Without worry,
Without fear.
Riding under the shadows
Of the trees above me.
Lonely cars pass me by.
They don’t see me,
Underneath the shadows.
I stop in the park and
Rabbits leap into darkness.
I sit and listen to them.
Laying in the grass,
I watch the clouds
Roll past the moon.
Darkness and light weave
Together as one.
I am alone.
The night is empty.
But strangely,
I am content.

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