Friday, August 8, 2008

Bicycle & Automobile Coexistence: Index


This post will be continuously updated as I write new stories in the Bicycle & Automobile Coexistence series. When you see an icon of the above image, it will link to this index so it will be easy to access any of the related articles.

#1) Introduction
#2) Bicycles Taking The Lane
#3) Bikes On The Sidewalk?

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Dave said...

Hey Gary,

My name's Dave and I run a Seattle based ride (and blog) promoting cyclists, pedestrian motorist civility: ( Just found your co-existance articles -- could we use your art work on our site? I'd love to discuss this with you directly, drop me a line at dave at ride civil dot com.
I don't see a copyright, so I'll assume we're OK to post it for now but I'd still like to get in touch if possible. Thanks!