Friday, August 1, 2008

Bicycles In The News

(Photo by Shelby)

Today is the arraignment of Dr. Christopher Thompson, for what has been described as a deliberate road rage assault of two cyclists on Mandeville Canyon road [LAist]. A key component to promoting cycling in Los Angeles is ensuring the safety of riders through judicial punishment for those who endanger lives either through reckless or deliberate acts [#4 of the Bike Writers Collective Cyclists Bill of Rights]. My condolences to the injured riders, Christian Stoehr and Ron Peterson of Cynergy Cycles, I hope this doctor is brought to justice. I'll post an update if any news comes forward regarding the case.

UPDATE: Dr. Thompson has pleaded not guilty to charges. The next proceeding will be September 12th, however he may not be in attendance after making arrangements for his council to appear on his behalf. [LAist]

In other news:
  • For anyone who has been in a bicycle news cave, posted all over the internets for the past few days has been a video of an unprovoked NYPD officer body checking a cyclist during a Critical Mass event. After going out of his way to knock the rider to the ground, he then arrested the cyclist for attempted assault to the officer, all the while unaware his actions were being recorded on video tape by a tourist who later posted the event on YouTube. Regardless of your feelings on Critical Mass tactics, this is unacceptable law enforcement behavior, and I'm glad the NYPD has demoted the officer to desk duty while the matter is investigated. [Gothamist]
  • Tom LaBonge considers opening the DWP Festival of Lights in Griffith Park to cyclists. The festival has long been exclusive to motor vehicle access. (LAist)
  • Disputes between cyclists and law enforcement in Colorado, in the LA Times ongoing perpetuation of the media depicting bikes as being at war with cars, using phrases like "Showdown in Colorado". (LA Times)

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