Friday, August 15, 2008

Velo Nostalgic: Journal Entry Excerpt 10/22/01, Another Night Ride

...There was a bit of rebellious joy in being in a park alone at night. My mom would kill me if she knew but that doesn’t matter. At least in my mind I am an independent now. I ride through to the end of the park which is smaller then I thought it would have been. Though still fairly large by comparison to some of the parks I’ve been too. I rode back to where the baseball field and concrete seating was. After walking around for a bit to cool off I stretched out and sat down for a brief mediation. A lot of thoughts ran through my head, mostly of the past.

After a few minutes of relaxation in pure solitude I got back and took one last good look at my surrounding in the park. A playground, completely empty like everything else seemed lonely. I decided It was time for me to go. My journey back was pretty straight forward, I went back the same way I came. I did however at one point turn down the wrong street but I quickly got back on route. I don’t know how long the whole journey took but apparently I was out for more then an hour. Slowly but surely my ability to travel further is growing. Today was a good ride, I pushed my limits out a little bit further, and hopefully with time I can push those limits even more.

Looking back on these old writings puts into perspective how far I've come. There was a time when simply biking to a local park and back was a tough ride for me. Now I've biked from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a week, knowing full well by the end that if I had more vacation days I could have kept going. If you really push your self, you'd be amazed at what you can do. I wonder what I'll be up to a year from now.

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