Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brentwood Grand Prix

Cat 3 Mens Starting Line

The Brentwood Grand Prix, on August 17th was one of the last road cycling events of the season for Southern California. For being a first time event I must say it was the most well organized bike race I've participated in so far. I also enjoyed the local venue, which made it easy to ride my bike to the starting line from home. The website included a detailed route map designed both for the benefit of riders and local residents who would need to route around it. There were large displays for the start/finish and barriers along sidewalks with pedestrian traffic. A number of vendors and organizations had booths setup in the wide traffic median, including the LACBC who were on hand for complimentary bike parking.

(Photo by Vance Macdonald)

As for my own race, I felt strong all the way through with a close shot at one of the $100 prime laps. Although in the end, some poor positioning in the pack made it impossible for me to break through the peleton in the final sprint without risking a crash, which at the Cat 5 level just isn't worth it. I had a great time though, and look forward to the next racing season.

Cathy At The Cat 4 Women's Starting Line

I also ran into my friend Cathy from Team Midnight Ridazz, who participated in her first women's road cycling race. Tony Z of Wolfpack fame was also out there and took home a second place medal in the Cat 3 men's race.

Racing Streamers

The real highlight to me though was seeing the kids race. The kids at an event like this was such a contrast to the hyper serious world of adult bike racing. Some kids were fiery and pedaled furiously, while others didn't seem to understand what race meant, and look their time rolling in while stylishly flaunting handle bar streamers. I think it's also a smart move to engage the whole family in an event like this.

I hope the Brentwood Grand Prix is held again next year. I felt it was a great success, especially compared to other races I had seen this year. I'll sign up early next time to ensure entry, since this year I barely squeaked in before the waiting list started building.

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marc66thomas said...

Nice post I found out more from your post than on the race website.

marc66thomas said...

New day of racing Gary - Hope you'll make it to the kids races too.