Friday, September 19, 2008

Today is Park[ing] Day

(Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)

Once a year communities in various cities around the world commandeer metered parking spaces and convert them into miniature parks while feeding them quarters. The event highlights the land use space issues associated with providing cheap parking spaces for cars. No where is this disparity between parks and parking spaces more apparent then Los Angeles. In L.A., the per capita parkland space is 10% of the recommendation of 8-10 acres of parks and open space for every 1000 residents [LAist].

Props to the LACBC for taking over a parking space and installing bike racks, demonstrating that twelve bikes can park in the space normally reserved for a single car.

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Owl said...

Or you could park 127 skateboards where you park those bikes. Or stand 140 people. It's all relative. If people are so upset about city parks vs. city land I have the answer - move out of the dang city. problem solved.

Gary said...

Arguments like if you don't like it, go away, are rather tiresome. It's like saying if you don't like U.S. policy, move to Canada.

There are a number of advantages to urban life, socially, economically and ecologically, as compared to sprawl. I believe it is essential to make urban areas more livable and enjoyable places to be, if my generation and those that follow want any of kind of future for ourselves.

The land use of drivers is grossly out of proportion to other street users, and I do not believe we should be rewarding that behavior with substantial amounts of subsidized land use for storing private property.