Friday, September 12, 2008

Trains Are Awesome. Every Train Is A Bike Train.


For regular readers and friends of mine, you may be aware that I'm also a proponent for other forms of alternative transit besides cycling. As mentioned in my update on the Metro community meetings, I'm passionate about the role of trains to move people in and between cities. In the coming election there are two major ballot initiatives effecting the future of trains in California and L.A., Prop1A for a European style statewide bullet train and Measure R for Metro expansion. So I felt compelled to start separate blog to promote rail transportation. There will likely be some overlap on occasion, since I feel trains and bikes compliment each other. For the scoop on trains check out my new blog, Trains Are Awesome.

I'll try to keep the posts coming on bikes as much as possible, and it is still my number one passion. But if there is a slight dip in frequency for a little while it's because I'm also trying to get some more freaking trains built around here. Our city needs them bad. Choo CHOO!!

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