Monday, October 6, 2008

The First Bike Town Beta

A new idea has evolved out of Critical Mass, and the brain of the brilliant Alec Schwarz. An idea that I think may potentially have a more positive impact on showcasing what's great about cycling than a conventional a conventional Critical Mass. It's called Bike Town Beta, and it is a sort of social experiment on what a town might look like where most people got around on bikes. Much like places such as Copenhagen, except in the middle of Los Angeles.

The idea is to take a small region or playing field so to speak, and invite cyclists in mass to come ride, hang out, frequent the local businesses and socialize. Cycling has the benefit of spontaneity in a way automobiles are lacking. At any time a cyclist can pull over and walk as a pedestrian creating new social and economic interactions, while cars cruise for a parking space. Unlike critical mass, which is a large group of cyclists that keeps together, Bike Town Beta would invite a mass of cyclists to come to a defined area and ride around like bikes were just the normal mode of transportation.

Bike Town Beta #1 will be hosted in Westwood Village by UCLA on Saturday October 25th, from 6pm-10pm. Check out the map to see the starting location, defined boundaries, and points of interest. I can also attest that the vegan food at Native Foods, listed on this map as Bike Town Vege Food, is exceptional. They have delicious vegan pizza, yes you heard me, vegan pizza.

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I will be out of town visiting New York at the time, to see Funderstorm, a musical cyclist duo from Los Angeles. They biked cross country to spread the awesome nation wide. But I encourage cyclists back in L.A. to check out the first Bike Town Beta experiment. I wish I could I be in two places at once so I could be there too.

Bike Town Beta Blog
Bike Town Beta #1 Los Angeles- Westwood Village
Saturday October 25th, 6pm-10pm
Boundaries: Wilshire, Galey, Westwood, and Le Conte


Timur said...

Hi Gary - I found your posts through BikinginLA, and wanted to thank you for passing along the info about Bike Town Beta. And compliments on the site: It looks really good.

Gary said...

Thanks for reading. I hope you you stay tuned. I'm really anxious to hear how Bike Town Beta goes when I get back from my trip.

Alex Thompson said...

Gary, what is the point in mentioning negatively Critical Mass in your opening sentences. Is this necessary? Does it inform or inspire your reader? Or is it useless, and casts a negative light on the post from the beginning? Does it raise in the mind of the reader, a bitter argument about something they love or hate? And if so, what does that do for Bike Town Beta?

Gary said...

I think you are over analyzing.