Friday, October 24, 2008

Flying to Bike Kill, Bike Town Beta Reminder, ALC Training Kick Off, & Tour de Ballona

bike kill
(Bike Kill Photo by D. Robert)

Using magical powers that allow me to write from the past and have it appear in the future, you in the present can read this as I am hurtling through the air at New York City. I will be joining other friends from the Midnight Ridazz community flying out, as well as Funderstorm, who rode their bikes out there on an epic journey, and Franz, who is omnipresent. We will be having our West Coast minds blown this Saturday by the fury of East Coast craziness in the infamous event known as Bike Kill. Should I survive, I will write back on this East Coast phenomenon, which may be in it's last year. Of course if there were no pictures it never happened, so the camera will be coming with.

While I'm gone I encourage riders back on the left side of the country to go check out the first Bike Town Beta ride/social experiment. This Saturday night in Westwood.

Writing now from a different point in the past, but closer to the present than the previous writing. It came to my attention, two other note worthy rides are going down this Saturday during the day light hours.

Danny, Meghan & Jared
(Photo from ALC 7)

October 25th is the annual AIDS LifeCycle kick off ride, and Team Midnight Ridazz is organizing a new group with some familiar faces from last year. My friend Ben Hardy has been nominated to lead the crew this time around, and I wish him luck, and better yet, will offer him plenty of advice on the task. I encourage anyone considering ALC to check it out. Even if you are just looking for a well organized training ride and some Cliff Bars, go check it out. Discounted registration for ALC 8 will also be available at the big orange tents. This also brings up the glaring fact that I still haven't blogged the last day of riding from ALC 7, which I will conclude on my return from NY.


For a much easier and more chill experience, there is also the Tour de Ballona, which has been created to raise the profile and ridership of the Ballona Creek bike path. This path has been the subject of attacks in which cyclists were jumped and had valuables and their bicycle stolen from them. There has been little reaction from law enforcement other than to apparently protect home owners from crime by closing off some of the entrance/exit points, which arguably makes things less safe for a cyclists while unlikely to deter your typical fence jumping bad guy. Utilizing the safety in numbers theory, this ride aims to be one component in making the path a safer place for everyone.

In response to these issues fellow cycling blogger Will Cambell has not been deterred from the path by these thugs, riding Ballona Creek frequently, with time-lapse footage to document the process. A crew of West Siders 50 riders strong went out for a ride on the path as part of Taco Tuesdays. The issue of safety along Ballona Creek has been building for sometime now, and hopefully with action we can turn things around, even if the LAPD has trouble finding the path on a map.

So the Oct. 25 line up of rides back in LA is:

ALC Training Kick Off Ride
7:30AM Meeting 8:30 AM Rolling
Griffith Park & Crystal Springs Drive

Tour de Ballona Creek
11:AM Sawtell/Culver Ballona Path Entrance

Bike Town Beta
6pm-10pm In Westwood Villiage

People talk about what an unfriendly place to bike L.A., which is often reflected in media stories, but they just haven't met the friendly cyclists yet. No where else do you see so much bicycling awesome piled up in the same day, and it's like that almost every weekend. I may be hurtling through the sky at New York City, but I love L.A.!

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