Wednesday, November 12, 2008

L.A. Bike Photo Pool

Roxy Blue, Rogue Ride After Party
(Roxy Blue, Rogue Ride After Party. By Alex Thompson)

As my regular readers know, I love shooting bicycle photography and I pepper my posts and stories with the pictures I take. But I'm not the only one with a photographic eye documenting the bicycle culture brewing here in Los Angeles. Some forums and galleries exist for sharing L.A. bike photos online, including the incredulously sexy Midnight Ridazz gallery. However there are inherent limitation with such entirely open systems.

Democracy might make a good foundation for governance, but it doesn't necessarily make for good art shows. The moments of brilliance tend to be overwhelmed and buried soon after their flash, and the top rated photos (which can be hacked on Midnight Ridazz), become as much about popularity as it does photography.

So this new photo group, which I hinted at a while back, will be curated by my self and a few other talented photographers of the bicycle. I'd love this to become the place to turn to for quality images of the bike scene in Los Angeles. That means everything; racers, commuters, fixies, fixie hipsters, anti-hipsters, BMX, MTB, freak bikes, bicycle ballet, what ever, just make it look pretty. I'll keep a steady trickle of some of my own favorite work flowing, but I'm really excited to see through the eyes of other contributors. Anyone can join, but keep in mind not every submitted photo will be posted. To the photogs, happy shooting, and to the viewers, I hope you enjoy your eye candy.

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