Tuesday, November 25, 2008

L.A. Transportation Committee Meeting Aftermath

I wish I could have been there, but from listening to the recording, it sounds like we had quite a crowd in attendance, many of whom spoke eloquently on behalf of cyclists. I was also cracking up at council members referring to Mr. Block, as in Roadblock of Midnight Ridazz. For a more complete write up, check out the post on Streetsblog by Damian Newton, who also spoke at the meeting. To hear the complete meeting, Enci Box has a recording of it over on her blog.

My general impression from listening to the meeting and reading what others had to say, is that we are slowly but surely reaching a paradigm shift in how Los Angeles thinks about transportation. The Cyclists Bill of Rights will go to vote by the council without modification. The LAPD was called out for their handling of the bike licensing issue most cyclists have never even heard of. Los Angeles has had great bicycle master plans in the past, and very little was implemented from them, which does not bode well for the new bicycle master plan, but maybe, just maybe, we have reached a point where we will see action attached to words. At the very least we have their attention now. It will be important to continue this pressure to see results.

Bike L.A., Bike the Planet! Bike Bike Bike!! Ra Ra RA!! GooOOOoo BIKES!!

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Damien Newton said...

Emphasis on slowly. It took over a decade for New York to see a major shift towards bike/ped after T.A. started to get these kinds of turnouts at council meetings. While we don't have a T.A., we do have an active group of writers and readers on the Internet and the LACBC. Working together, that should be enough, but it's not going to happen overnight. The key is going to be keeping the energy after we lose a major fight or to, because we will from time to time.