Friday, November 14, 2008

Streetfilms Looks At The Bike Co-Ops of Los Angeles

Integral to the lifeblood of bicycle culture here in L.A. are the bicycle co-ops that allow so many to maintain their bikes on the cheap and learn their own repairs. They also function as important meeting places for cyclists and are generally responsible for spreading awesome.

Streetfilms put together this wonderful video to showcase our cities 3 bicycle co-ops and how they function within the community. It really sums up nicely what it's all about, not just about fixing bikes, but building a community. I encourage everyone to check it out, even if you are already familiar with the bike co-ops.

For those not already familiar, the film will explain the concept better then I ever could, but I'll provide links below to each of their websites.

Bicycle Kitchen: Serving Mid-City on Heliotrope and Melrose.
Bike Oven: Serving Northeast Los Angeles on Figueroa St. just North of Avenue 37.
Bikerowave: Serving the West Side, on Berkeley St. Between Nebraska and Olympic. It's tucked away between the buildings, but I assure you it's there.

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