Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Cyclist's Bill Of Rights Biggest Endorsement Yet, The L.A. City Council


Today was the vote on the approval of the Cyclists Bill of Rights by the L.A. City Council, and it has passed [LAist]. This does not mean a whole lot technically speaking as this is not a legally binding document, but is rather an affirmation of cyclists rights and a symbolic commitment to our needs and interests. I've heard some ask why this document matters, since it has no legal teeth or guarantee of actions. I feel it is an important first step in getting our political leaders to talk about cycling.

Talk precedes actions, and if we don't get our political leaders talking about us, then there is little hope for action to follow. Although it would have been nice if we were given a heads up on this meeting sooner so we could have organized a turn out like we did for the transportation committee meeting.

The fight for better cycling infrastructure and policy (aka action) will be an ongoing process but at least we've got a little victory in getting the City Council to acknowledge and support this document. For some background on the CBR, created by founding members of the Bike Writers Collective of which I am now a part of, check out the ibikeu wiki page.

So the next time you put the fun between your legs, you can rest assured the L.A. City Council symbolically has got your back.

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