Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Going On Mental Vacation

Santa Bike

I've been debating internally for a little while about this, but I think I need to take an extended mental break. I've been scouring cycling and transit related news feeds like a crack addict and it's not healthy. With my busy full time job, personal photography and even a few small commercial gigs on the side, and writing this blog to top it off, I've been stretching my self too thin. I've not been getting enough sleep and even worse, not riding my bike as much. Yeah I bike everyday, it's my mode of travel, but I used to spend a lot more time riding because riding is something I do for fun too.

So I will be pausing with this blog for a little while, and after some zen reflection will come back more focused. I'm grateful to you the readers for tuning in and I've seen my readership numbers grow quite a deal since I decided to take this blog more seriously. Before this gets too sappy and melodramatic, just keep your feed readers pointed here and I will be back for more in the new year.

Ride on!


Maulie said...



Transmetropolitan is the best!

Ed Greenberg said...

Enjoy your time off. We all need such. I enjoy your blog and will await your observations with antici..... pation.

Happy holiday

Gary said...

Was that a Rocky Horror reference?

And Happy Holidays to everyone and to everyone a happy bike riding or some good cake or both would be nice...

SoapBoxLA said...


We miss you already! I trust you're doing well!