Thursday, December 4, 2008

Old Drivers

This may come off a little ranty, but we need to start taking drivers licenses from senior citizens, I mean really. One nearly hit me in a big truck tonight and started grumbling "fucking bikers" with oxygen tubes in his nose and inch thick glasses on. He said he couldn't see me, but anyone who has seen me lately knows I have been packing the latest super flash blinky red LED's of multiple types all going at once and a Niterider MiNewt X2 (I endorse this product because it is awesome, no financial ties) headlight flashing the ground ahead of me.

The problem is seriously impaired reaction time that is often accompanied by failing eye sight in old age, and as such I feel they are not qualified to operate heavy machinery moving too fast for them to react to sudden changes. The death rate per mile traveled for drivers over 85 is four times that of the 30-59 age group [MSN], making them the next most dangerous drivers after the notoriously intoxicated and inexperienced teenage set. It wasn't that long ago an 85 year old driver killed 10 people including an infant, at the Santa Monica Farmers market. All because he thought he was hitting the brake when he floored the gas apparently.

Driving is a privilege, not a right. It's time we said take the test again and if you fail, sorry you are too old to drive now, here's a a discount on bus fare. Maybe with some more grumpy folks on the bus yelling at Metro and leveraging their voting power and retirement money, we might get some real improvements in transit service.

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