Friday, January 16, 2009

Back To The Top, Riding To The Hollywood Sign At Night With Cubcamp


I've not ridden with Cubcamp in a while, but when I heard they were doing the Hollywood Sign this week I could not resist. The sign holds a special place in my cycling life. It was my first ride to the top where I met who would later become my awesome girlfriend, Meghan, as well those who would later become the starting members of the Team Midnight Ridazz AIDS LifeCycle team.

I've done a lot of a hill climbing since that first time, but there is nothing like the relentless steep grades of the Sign. The kind that make you hurt and tempt you to give up and walk at every turn, especially at Cub speed attacking the hills, running our bodies to their max. The view from the top is breath taking (once you have breath left to take) and with it being such a clear night you could really see all of sprawling sparkling Los Angeles country before us and the valley behind us. Thank you Cubcamp for an evening of spectacular pain and glory.