Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years

AltPixel Studio New Years Bash

To help drown away my sorrows over my recent unfortunate incident, I shared in New Years glory with the West Side cyclists, the East Siders gone West, and random friends of the host Hal, of Altpixel Studio. It was quite the bash with live bands, DJ's and The Box parked in the driveway. Bike people are fun people, and it's that comradery and infectious enthusiasm that keeps the bike culture alive, even in a city as inhospitable to cycling as Los Angeles. Bikes are where the party is at, put the fun between your legs, burn carbs not gas.

Happy 09 Everyone!!


SoapBoxLA said...

Gary, Glad to hear you came out of the "incident" intact and ready to make this year "The Year of the Bike!"

Gary said...

I am intact and undeterred, although I am a little more paranoid on lone commutes at night now. Hopefully there will be no more "incidents" in 2009.