Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bikerowave Seeks New Base Of Operations

The Bikerowave

The most awesomeist bicycle co-op this side of the 405, the Bikerowave, is looking for a new home. So if you know any good places on the West Side for a community run bike shop, be sure to drop them a line. If you are unawares what a community bike shop is, check out this video. The Bikerowave has been a focal point for the growing community of cyclists on the West Side, and any neighborhood that they move to will become more bike friendly by proxy. So let's find them a good home, maybe one with a little more visibility.

"Bikerowave is looking for a new location. We seek 800+ sq. ft, with high ceilings, and potentially a store front. Bikerowave is based in West LA, so locations West of the 405 and North of Washington Blvd are ideal. Unfinished industrial space, and odd spaces are welcome. Our present rent is $1350 per month, and we probably be unable to pay more than $2000 per month. If you have resources or leads, please email locationhunt@bikerowave.org."

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