Friday, March 27, 2009

Gone Racing

At The Criterium

This Sunday is the LA Circuit Race, my second official race of the season (Feel My Legs was not USAC sanctioned, but totally sanctioned with awesome). A circuit race is basically a road race on a closed loop. For the purposes of race classification a circuit race (CT) is typically shorter in length and duration than a full road race (RR), but longer than a criterium (Crit). Crits are often on courses around a mile long around a city block with many laps, while the two circuit races I've done before were a couple miles along a single road with u-turns at both ends and fewer laps. To think of an analogy, a crit is like a dog chasing it's tail hopped up on sugar and caffeine, a circuit race is a dog excitedly running for a Frisbee and returning it for a few throws, and a road race is the dog ran away so far you can't see where he went too anymore, but later find him panting and starved for food in the hills somewhere.

This particular circuit race is special to me for a couple reasons. It's right next to where I went to college, and it happens to be on one of my favorite stretches of road in Los Angeles. It's on Westchester Parkway, just North of LAX, but with no traffic into or out of the airport. It's wide, impeccably paved, low automobile traffic, with a wide bike lane and a wide shoulder to the right of that. It's built to handle a level of traffic it never sees, except for perhaps this race every year.

The LACBC, continuing it's effort to reach out to more cyclists will be offering bike valet at the event. Car parking will be limited so if any curious readers want to check out some local racing, I highly recommend cycling, transit (BBB #3) or car-pooling to the race. I'm fond of this one because it's just the right distance from my house for the ride over to be a good warm up. If anyone is interested in watching this noob ride around really fast, I'm in the mens category 5 group A race at 4:30pm.


Adam Rakunas said...

Jeez, but the 5a race was a mess. Those fast stops on the return leg almost sent me colliding.

Gary said...

Cat V is always a little sketchy, and those u-turns especially so on circuit races. Basically I consider it a victory if I finish with the pack without crashing. I'm hoping when I move up to IV it will be a little more controlled.

mikeyp said...

Nice talking/racing with you on sunday Gary! I couldn't find your email so hit me up if you ever wanna ride. I'll be at the DH Hills Crit this sunday as well.