Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Los Angeles Bike Summit

Bike Parking

This weekend is the Los Angeles Bike Summit, to gather together activists and cyclists of all stripes to discuss the future of improving conditions for our growing movement of cyclists and continuing to grow our numbers.
"In Southern California, the growth and interest in bike riding and bike advocacy has increased to the point that the movement could significantly benefit from the formation of a common agenda. Bike organizations, including policy and grass roots groups, need to present a stronger, more unified front and a shared vision by combining communication, outreach, research and educational resources. This partnership will help to not only strengthen the presence of biking as an alternative to driving and a source of physical activity, but will help to create a more livable and sustainable region.

The Los Angeles Bike Summit is the next step to facilitate this discussion and collaboration of bike organizations, support groups, and advocates. "
So if you're looking to get more involved, or nerd out at the prospect of listening to lectures on things such as bicycle boulevards and sharrows, this Saturday is your chance. I hear some of our enlightened neighbors from the North in Portland are coming down to talk bike. Considering Portland has drastically improved conditions for cyclists and increased bike traffic to some of the highest in the Nation, I'm sure there is a lot we can learn from them.

We're picking up some momentum in L.A. and catching the attention of city council members, lets keep it up and push harder then ever for a cycling friendly city. I think it's rather twisted that Los Angeles. with probably some of the most ideal weather for cycling on the planet, lags behind cold damp places like Portland, Chicago, and New York. We need to demand better.

For complete details and schedule for the workshops check out the site.
Saturday March 7, 2009 from 9am to 4pm
Los Angeles Trade Tech College map/directions


RussRoca said...

I'm planning to go. Hope to see you there if you go!

Gary said...

I'm planning to go as well. I'm especially interested in listening to Bike Portland since that city seems to have everyone beat on cycling improvements, at least in the US.