Tuesday, March 17, 2009


-Never realized 1996-2002 LA citywide bicycle master plan, $60 Million
-Repaving 3 Miles of the 710 Freeway, $75 Million
-Average annual costs of Los Angeles auto accidents, $10.5 billion
-Construction of a single car parking space in a multilevel garage, $7,000+
-Per bicycle parking space on a typical U-wave rack, $50+

Creating infrastructure for bicycles isn't about the money, our costs are cheap comparatively, it's about political will.

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bikinginla said...

The problem is getting politicians and elected officials to take us seriously. Like drivers on the road, they just don't see us unless we force them to. And we've clearly got a long way to go — not one of the candidates for the 26th Senate District has responded to my request for comments yet.