Monday, March 9, 2009

Reporting Back From The LA Bike Summit

Biketopia, Urban Design Model

The LA Bike Summit was highly informative thanks to great speakers and workshop hosts, but I think one of the most important things was connecting all the dots between LA bike activists. The turn out was big and I got to meet face to face a lot of the people who's blogs I read, and who read my blog as well. I think this was just the sort of jolt L.A. bike activism needed to really start brainstorming and making connections. It was also great to hear first hand some of the hurdles and accomplishments of other cities like New York, Portland (so jealous), and sprawling Mexico city, which faces even greater transportation problems than Los Angeles.

Question And Answer Session With Keynote Speakers
(Eleanor Blue Of with other Keynote speakers during Q&A)

The Bike Summit was a lot to take in. It felt like a temporary bike school with everyone rushing around to different classes, all of them about developing bike culture and infrastructure. Choosing between the different topics and workshops was often difficult with so many relevant subjects and great speakers. I attended work shops on Women and Bikes (hosted by CICLE), Advocacy in Action (LACBC), and In Pursuit Of The North American Carfree Family (BikePortland).

The Crowd

I took a lot of notes, and in the weeks ahead I'll be referencing some of the things discussed in future blog posts. We can no longer accept the status quo, it should not take 3 1/2 years to put some paint on the ground. We have to work toward a collective push for real city planning and development. Planning that takes into account pedestrians, cyclists and transit users at every step of the way, and not as an after thought. Viva La Velorution!

Chinese Theatre
(Photo by Alex Thompson)


LisaNewton said...

I had a great time at the LA Bike Summit, and learned so much new information. As a new resident to LA and an even newer cyclist, it really openned my eyes to what is possible...........:)

Gary said...

Glad you had a great time. Cycling in LA has a long way to go in terms of safety, comfort and convenience, but there are a lot of motivated people trying to push in the right direction. A lot of us "veteran" L.A. cyclists are also very open and eager to share advice, so feel free to ask questions here or at any of the other blogs and web forums floating around.

I also noticed your own blog is on From Los Angeles to San Diego and everything in between. You may be interested in some of the photos of my last big bike ride with my girlfriend, L.A. to San Diego on bike.

A blog post on long distance bicycle touring, including some info on this trip, is coming up soon.

Will Campbell... said...

Third picture, far left corner... waaaaaay in the back: that's me!

Gary said...

Ha, so that's you with the sunglasses the smallness and the blurriness.