Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Joined That Bird Thing. Twitter.

When I think of twitter, like most any social networking services I think of bloated overloads of mostly useless data, much like the girth of pigeons at the Santa Monica Pier. I know a lot of bloggers use twitter, but I have been skeptical of it. And I rather dislike when I see people at all times of the day on their smart phones typing inane details ad nauseum, of course especially when driving, which can be deadly. I thought I would give twitter a chance though, and I do like that if nothing else, it is by design far more simplistic than the Facebook monster, and MySpace beast, both of which I have stopped looking at all together for the most part. Since I do not have a data plan on my phone, or even text messaging, I feel safe that I will not turn compulsive with it, and would like to keep it focused. If I do not "follow" you, please do not be offended, I want to keep this thing simple unlike my 500 whatever number it is friends on Facebook.

Mainly I want to use it to save time in a way. In the past if something small bothered me, like hey that motorist who cut me off on Broadways really sucks, I might have felt compelled to write a small essay with relevant photos. Now I will use twitter to jot down little things that spring up that I think are relevant to share, and save blog posts for larger ideas or posts where images and detail are more important. We'll see how it goes.

If you like my blog, and want to read my "tweets" too, here is my twitter page where you can read the single cell organism version of my thoughts. For RSS junkies (I know I am) here is the rss feed of my tweets.

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RussRoca said...

welcome to the bird's strange but fun in a strange way...