Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Bike To Work Week

Bike Lane Closed, Sepulveda North

Yes it is that time of year again, Bike To Work Week. That special time when the political forces of Los Angeles, sponsored primarily by Metro, pretend to be supportive of cycling for 5 days, after which they go back to doing 360 days of nothing. I'm biking to work all this week, much like I do every week, apart from the occasional in-line skating to work. On bike to work day, Thursday, if you are a Santa Monician, be sure to grab a bag of free crap at the SM City Hall and or REI. Nothing says support for cycling like bags of free crap and maps that show you how poorly Los Angeles is connected by safe cycling routes (especially when you subtract the Class III routes which are death traps like Lincoln Blvd). I do like the free blinkie lights though, they help increase my visibility along all the crap roads we have. I'm feeling pretty jaded lately.


Anonymous said...

I'll probably be riding through Santa Monica on Thursday. And I can always use free crap. Might as well get something out of this whole cluster f***.

RussRoca said...

Ha. What a great opener for the post! ROFL!

Will Campbell... said...

Terrifically jaded here as well.

But still, I'm debating between hitting the pit stops downtown or on the westside and seeing how many Metro blinkies I can score.

Luvs them blinkies. Hate the "M" they each bear, but a little paint remover and they rub right off.

Mekuh said...

it is a death trap, ugh.