Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ride To Santa Monica's Bronze Awarding For "Bicycle Friendliness", This Friday

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As I've already made pretty clear in my posts since the announcement that Santa Monica had earned a bronze award from the League of American Bicyclists, I do not believe the city deserves the distinction. However, since it is getting this shiny prize, I would like to be in attendance. If for no other reason, the off chance of getting to talk to city officials about cycling outside the confines of a 2 minute monologue. Or at the very least a chance to rant with other like minded bicycle activist types while politicians pontificate about how awesome they are.

The ride to this little ceremony at City Hall is being put on by the LACBC as part of their Car Free Fridays, and Santa Monica Spoke, a group that has been brewing over the past couple weeks with the intent of becoming a local chapter of the LACBC. Although my general busyness with my real job and being sick lately has gotten in the way of being more directly involved so far, I'm in this new group and will be following it's development. Some cross posting between here and the Santa Monica Spoke blog is likely in the near future.

The ride meets tomorrow, Friday morning, at 8:00am on Pearl St. by the Santa Monica Community College library, across from Sustainable Works, and leaves at 8:10am. Apparently it's leaving at 8:10 sharp, so don't presume this is rolling on bike time. Hope to see you there, and maybe with some nudging and pressure from us in the months and years ahead, Santa Monica may one day actually be worthy of recognition for it's commitment to cycling.

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Dominic Dougherty said...

How odd that the League is not listening to its LCIs when awarding Bike-Friendly status.

The 3 LCIs that reviewed Long Beach suggested an honorable mention... but Long Beach got Bronze.

I heard similar reports for Santa Monica.

The League is really missing an opportunity to introduce cities to their local advocacy groups and get their LCIs involved in planning and developing bicycling culture.

I feel that this recent round of awards really cheapens the whole program.