Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gray Days, The Best Time To Ride In Santa Monica

Santa Monica

This weekend was a great time to ride a bike. The overcast, foggy, somewhat chilly and mucky weather along the coast meant most of the aggro beach rush drivers that typically turn all of Santa Monica west of Lincoln into a parking lot for bikes to dodge and maze their way through, stayed at home. Ironically the great weather in Santa Monica is noted as one of the things that makes it an ideal place for cycling, but give me cloudy skies any day if it keeps the aggro drivers away.

Meghan and I rode our tandem around again this weekend, this time for food and shopping. It was remarkable how much more relaxing and chill it was to ride compared to our last experience. No honking, no yelling, no near misses or close calls, just smooth sailing and fun times on our comfy all steel ride with spring loaded seats. On the other end of the spectrum, since I both appreciate the joys of cruising around leisurely, and physical intensity, I also went out for some hill training this weekend. It felt good to be hammering up in the mountain roads again, especially after a forced break due to illness. If you're fast and looking for some good hurt in your legs, the LaGrange Nichols Canyon ride, which I did for the first time this weekend, is one of the most intense club rides around.

Frequently beautiful sunny days are certainly one of the draws to living in Santa Monica, but if you learn to appreciate the serenity that comes with gray, you may find it's a more enjoyable time to ride.

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jhaygood said...

yeah it's been nice - i've been trying to take it a little slower... i can tend to get into a 'the destination is the destination' mode, especially when i'm heading to work. but going to work is a good time to ease up, just to keep from heating up too much.

it's good to appreciate the good days...