Monday, June 15, 2009

LA City Council Transportation Committee With Bikes On The Agenda

Passing along an action alert from the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. Big ticket cycling items on the City Council agenda this Wednesday including the LA Bicycle Master Plan, or rather lack of a plan. Anyone who can make it to City Hall for this is strongly encouraged to come voice concerns or even just fill seats to the show power of cyclists as a constituency. The more bodies that keep showing up to these things, the harder it is for the city to ignore us. LACBC message after the innocuous line of separation.

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
Join Us! LA City Big Bike Meeting
To all LACBC members and supporters: We need you!

WHAT: LA City Council Transportation Committee will be having a meeting dedicated to bicycle issues

WHEN: Wednesday, June 17th, 8am. Arrive at 7:45am.

WHERE: LA City Hall, 200 N. Spring St. Room 1050

The three most important issues are:

1) LA BIKE PLAN- make some specific public comments about the Bike Plan. Go to for more info

2) LAPD report related to the incidents between motorists and cyclists (related to the incident where the Hummer ran over cyclists)

3) LA Bike License Revival- make public comments to oppose this ineffective and unnecessary proposal

Other items are listed here:

Show up at 7:45am to ensure that you get to make public comments. Even if you can talk about your experience as a cyclist, the more diverse and united voices the better. Even if you just want to check it out, please come!

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