Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where is Gary?

I've had tons of material I'd love to write about, and quite a few nearly finished posts, but spare time has been very thin. Increasing demands of my day job working on the video game God of War 3, the closing of the cycling race season and all my training hours, finding time for some anemically thin resemblance of a social life, photography projects, among other things (like watching the Tour De France) has meant taking a break from the blogging.

When I get back to the keyboard, I intend to return refreshed and with a new focus. Perhaps spend some zen time perched over the city after riding up to the peak above the Hollywood sign once more. In the meantime I hope everyone is enjoying their riding, and remember no matter how much cycling news in L.A. can suck sometimes, at least you are not living in Florida. I happened to catch in Bicycling magazine this month that Florida has more cycling deaths per year than California despite having half the population size. In fact there was even one or two stories with some good news for cyclists in L.A. recently. My jaw almost fell off with shock. An L.A. river bike path extension breaks ground, sharrows finally land in L.A. Country thanks to Long Beach, and Metro considers improving transit/cycling connectivity and removing the rush hour ban of bicycles on trains. Apparently the LADOT has also done something right, could the universe be turning inside out? I hope we can continue this momentum.

Southern California has some of the most beautiful weather for cycling on the planet, go enjoy it and if any one honks at you, smile ,wave and just keep on rolling. I'm going to take a cue from BikingInLA and try not flipping off anyone for a while, though he recently broke his bird flipping sobriety. However I will not object to my tandem partner expressing her frustration with motorists if she chooses too and the situation warrants it...

The Tandem


Anonymous said...

So when can we look forward to God of Cycling 1?

Adrienne Johnson said...

Having just returned from my first (mostly) car free trip to SoCal, I can say that LA has a great deal to offer the everyday cyclist. While it isn't perfect, I found the Orange line route to be brilliant and have been able to get just about anywhere I want in the Valley, Santa Monica & Los Angeles with just a bit of patience (mostly because I am a visitor and have not figured out the short cuts yet).

Now, if I could just get someone to follow me with a fan, this SF fog girl would really love riding in LA! : )

TransitPlanner said...

Okay now seriously...Where is Gary? I finally set up my blog reader on iGoogle. I added you to my Cycling page, and then bammo you disappear. Granted I'm too lazy to have posted more than two items on the blog I created a year ago, but that is no excuse for you. i live in the OC, and need to live vicariously through the LA cycling community...so get posting!

Gary said...

@ bikinginla I think I need more time off from work before I can do anything that ambitious..

@Adrienne Glad you enjoyed L.A., it's got it's problems, and lord knows I rant about them, but it's not as bad as a lot of people think. The weather can be hot at times, such as right now when we are surrounded by wild fires, but the lack of rain makes for a very spoiled time as a cyclist here if you know the right routes.

@Transit Planner
I'll be returning to blog posting in the near future so keep the reader pointed here. I'm just now decompressing from overtime slam for several weeks at work and the end of my road cycling race season.