Monday, September 21, 2009

Back To Regular Programming

After a long season of racing road bikes with relatively fruitless results in the standings, but considerable progress in experience and fitness, I want to get back to the occasional blog post. Things are still pretty busy and chaotic for me, but at least I am not getting up at 5:30 am every day for training rides for the time being. I did manage to bang my self up pretty good recently on an off-road ride with a bunch of cyclocross racers, but I'm relatively alright considering and no bones were broken. I couldn't ride for several days and could barely do anything with my right arm, but this guy Lance showed up to do a training ride in L.A. and I just had to get back on the bike.

I have plenty more things to write about, but in the meantime, the LADOT has unleashed the official update of the Los Angeles Bicycle Plan (they dropped the word "Master" from plan) and there is a lot to mull over. My first impressions looking at the map are underwhelming, and Westside BikeSide! and Bike Girl have kicked off the discussion. Expect to hear more reactions to the document featuring the new government bicycle planning buzzword "unfeasible" in the days and weeks ahead. Coming to a public meeting probably not near you if you live on the East side of things and on too short of notice for Neighborhood Councils to participate in the process.

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