Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get Involved, Discuss The L.A. Bicycle Plan With Peers

Unfortunately I cannot attend this event due to work commitments, but if you want to start getting directly involved in the process to shape the future plans for cycling in Los Angeles I highly recommend getting out to LA City College this weekend [moved to Hollywood Adventist Church, see note below]. The LADOT has it's official public input meetings planned, but this is a meeting just for cyclists to engage with each other and formulate a game plan to shape the L.A. Bicycle Plan into a document worth adopting.

From Westside BikeSide

This Saturday the Bike Writers Collective invites you to change the course of cycling in LA. Join us Saturday, at 1pm at LA City College, adjacent to the Bike Kitchen, to review, discuss, and critique the draft LA Bike Master Plan with your peers (Facebook event). It’s the LA Bike Working Group, and we’ll be working to inform, learn, and focus on the LABMP. I’ll be there, Stephen Box will be there, along with many others to facilitate the discussion. We’ll briefly discuss the plan, and then promptly break into groups to discuss it more energetically.

This is your opportunity to engage in a free for all of ideas. Together we can become better informed and more effective as a community in owning our Bike Plan! Unlike the upcoming community meetings, sponsored by the city, this meeting will focus on no holds barred discussion by cyclists, for cyclists. This is unstructured, knock down, drag out, nitty gritty discussion that will leave you bursting at the seems with ideas and information. Coming out of it we hope to have a more focused, deep, and effective community critique of the plan for the community meetings.

Bring your laptop so that we can look over the plan together. (It’s 600 pages, so we ain’t printing it! SAVE A F*&%ING TREE!)


We lost LACC but have the Fellowship Hall of the 7th Day Adventist Church on Hollywood Blvd @ Van Ness.

Hollywood Adventist Church, 1711 N. Van Ness Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028

Visit for more information.

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