Friday, February 12, 2010

Issuing A Recall Of Defective Motorists

Sepevulda Blvd. Traffic At Rosecrans

While everyone including our DOT commander in chief, Ray LaHood, freak out over defective gas pedals, lets not forget the vast majority of automobile crashes, that result in 40,000 deaths every year, are the result of user error. As the Los Alamos Bikes blog has suggested, when are we going to issue a recall on defective motorists? Perhaps it's time for some reeducation, perhaps it's time to revoke permanently the drivers licenses of numerous repeat offenders. Where is the class action law suit against the United States for years of neglect in road safety efforts compared with other developed nations.

It's shocking how often in this Country you hear of a deadly DUI where the driver had a stacked collection of severe traffic violations, repeat offenses and multiple suspended licenses before they finally killed. Often these people move around to different cities or states with disconnected communication and record keeping, allowing them to keep racking up offense after offense. Such deaths should be easily preventable. This is not to suggest mechanical errors like what Toyota faces should be treated lightly, but if anything is deserving of panic, it is issues such as the sorry state of criminal driver behavior, the broken justice system that keeps these people on the road, and the unsafe design of our infrastructure.

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