Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Few Thoughts On LUCE And Then Off To France

Santa Monica Public LUCE Workshop

I attended the Santa Monica LUCE workshop tonight, that was mentioned in the previous post. I don't have a lot of time, but a more in depth report will follow in a few weeks. I will say that the LUCE plan has some good ideas, and a lot of great things in fact. However it is also lacking I think the serious ambition that a truly forward thinking document on a 20 year scale should have, especially for a city so progressive as Santa Monica. I'll go more into detail on that in the follow up post. The ideas and heart are sort of in the right place, and there are a lot of bike improvements in there, but the goals, like no new car trips at the PM rush hour, set the bar a little low. Your couldn't possibly fit that many more car trips into Santa Monica during the PM rush hour if you tried. Though these public meetings are a great, perhaps not perfect, attempt to really hear the communities input on these matters, and this is where you see the real nuts and bolts of democracy happening.

I did get a chance to speak briefly, and with a bigger audience, and one more representative of the community, than any public speaking I've done in the past. I've historically been a pretty shy sort of person, but I think these public speaking opportunities are a great way to reach an audience that may never read this blog, and connect in a different way. Several people approached me after the meeting was adjourned to talk more about my points, either because they were skeptical, or to say they were supportive.

I was glad to see some fellow cyclists, and some fellow members of SM Spoke, I think our presence helps even if it's just as simple as showing up, showing one more bike, and making a little comment on the post it notes and sticking it on a board. Every bit adds up, and we need as much momentum as possible to keep things moving in the right direction.

I'll write more about all this later, but for now au revoir, I'm off to France for a while for my honeymoon with Meghan. Yes I didn't blog about it, but I am married man now, it's crazy, but great! When I get the photos back from my talented friend and photographer Richie, I'll share the ones of us riding a tandem around in our wedding attire, which was a blast to shoot. I'll also report back on the cool transportation infrastructure in Paris, and that whole VĂ©lib' bike sharing business I keep hearing so much about.

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