Friday, April 2, 2010

Food For Thought, Just How Many Tax Dollars Do We Spend On Automobile Parking Subsidies As A Nation

Keeping with my recent theme of parking issues, "...according to figures developed by University of California at Davis professor Mark Delucchi and updated by (Donald) Shoup to account for inflation and the number of motor vehicles owned in the United States, in 2002 the subsidy for off-street parking alone was between $127 billion and $374 billion. This figure is roughly the same amount as our nation’s Medicare or national defense budgets—without including subsidies for the free on-street parking that exists on most urban streets." [Next American City] [Emphasis Mine]

So there you have it, some of the cost of socialized automobile parking care. Something to think about when you hear excuses from government officials about there being no money for bike rack spaces that cost 40+ times less than a surface lot car space and 300+ times less than an auto garage space in a tiny fraction of the land use.

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Anonymous said...

"Socialized automobile parking care" I love it! Great choice of words. Although Public Housing is not such a hot button topic right now, I think the analogy holds there as well. "Subsidized Public Car Housing" "Section 8 for cars"
"Car Parking Welfare" are some possibilities. By the way - the link to Next American City is broken

Gary said...

Yeah the choice of words was quite deliberate, and something I've been thinking about lately with so much noise made over what should and should not be "socialized". Thanks for the tip on the broken link, I fixed it.

Velocipedus said...

Striking images in large numbers, they work their own poetry, of the kind where humans are marginal, a beautiful horror show, - thanks