Friday, June 18, 2010

Bicycle Education Spending Coming To Santa Monica

Some good news for cyclists in Santa Monica. Councilman Terry O'Day informed us at the recent SM Spoke meeting that $25,000 was set aside in the new budget solely for use in bicycle education. This may come in the form of educating cyclists and raising awareness amongst drivers, but how exactly that will be spent is yet to be determined. It's less than some cities are doing for education, but it's big step up from zero, and great to see a real dollar commitment on a cycling issue, and one that is so often neglected. Also word on the street in local transportation planning corners, is that Santa Monica traffic management staff leaders secretly love the illegal department of D.I.Y. poster campaign that has been seen on electrical boxes through out the L.A. and Santa Monica. Perhaps with a real pot of money to work with, we will see some official campaigns to raise awareness, and educate the public, in the near future.

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