Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Bike Lane Extension On Arizona Ave. And Sharrows! On 14th St.

New Bike Lane Extension On Arizona Ave.

Arizona Ave. until just recently was like many bike lanes, in Southern California there for a while and than disappears before it gets to a destination. Now the last few blocks connecting to Ocean Ave. have been included, bridging an important connection toward having a more complete grid of bike routes. Since these last few blocks have a much higher turn over than the residential area, be on the look out for doors. I always ride on the far left of the bike lane on streets adjacent parking. One new design treatment I like and would love to see a lot more of, is the diagonal street markings to discourage people from driving through when parked cars are not present. On streets like 11th where the bike lane is much wider than necessary and poorly marked, I'd love to see diagonal markings to more visually indicate the extra space is not for driving through.

Bike Signal Detection On Arizona Ave.

Arizona also has some more modern signal detection using cameras in a few places like the intersection of Lincoln Blvd., a higher priority street that may not change without a trigger. The camera is calibrated to the spot they place the bike marking, so if you see that, wait there for signal to change. More signal detection work is also on the way to start addressing what has long been a gripe of mine on this blog. This can't come soon enough.

(Photo from Santa Monica press release. I'll be around to shoot my own photos of them soon.)

Originally this post was just going to be on my observations of the new Arizona work, but I also just got word from a city press release, that sharrows have been put in on 14th St. for a few blocks south of Montana Ave. along with routine maintenance. The intention is for these to connect to future plans for a bike lane on 14th St. south of Washington. Santa Monica is a little late to the sharrow party, but better late than never, and this further cements the use of the sharrow as a tool to educate and change road behavior in the Southern California region. Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles and Santa Monica all have sharrows (FAQ) on the ground. I have yet to ride on these new sharrows having just heard about them, but I can't wait to check them out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,
I think the graphic is not for a camera but is to be sure your bike is detected by the enhanced "loop detectors" in the pavement. These enhancements are part of the manual the engineers must follow on street projects.

jericho1ne said...

Holy shit! The sharrows look beautiful! They are right in the middle of the lane, exceeding California's placement guidelines. Extremely well done, I can't wait to see 14th st. Santa Monica city staff, if you're reading this, keep it up!! said...

This is a very positive move for the City of Santa Monica, it's great for bike riders , safer for everyone and the city is to be commended and we are behind you all the way for taking on this issue of bike safety and a green environment...

FixedBicycleGear said...

Yeah nothing better than bigger lanes. I used to make the same commute for 2 years down Market Street here in San Francisco and only recently did they make a nice wide dedicated lane for bikes. I can't tell you how many times I almost got hit back in the day.

jericho1ne said...

You hear that Los Angeles??

" nice wide dedicated lane for bikes "

Step it up you nasty ass third world city!!!