Friday, July 16, 2010

A Santa Monica Ciclovia Takes A Step Closer To Reality

At the Parks & Recreations Commission meeting last night at Santa Monica city hall, Richard Mckinnon, of Santa Monica Spoke, and now on the parks commission, made a presentation on the idea of a semi-regular Ciclovia in Santa Monica (streets-wiki post for those less familiar with concept). The idea was very well received by the commission, and a few other members of Spoke, my self included, and some members of the public I had not met before, nearly all spoke in strong support. With unanimous agreement within the Parks & Recs commission a motion will be made for City Council consideration, which ultimately has the power to decide to move forward. Richard is pushing for a first run date of 10/10/10, which would certainly be an easy one to remember, and could put Santa Monica in a position to jump the date set for the larger scale one being planned in Los Angeles.

One of the funnier moments in what are usually very dry city meetings, a commissioner brought up the what if sceneiro if rain were to happen, and commissioner Phil Brock, a long time advocate of cycling on the commission, happened to know that on the 10th of October it has actually never rained in Santa Monica since the city was founded. Though on the odd chance it were too, I don't doubt people would still take to the streets for a fun time anyways.

So hopefully this can garner the support of the Council, and become a reality sooner than later. I'm sure that even under a relatively short notice for such an ambitious event, the number of people willing to volunteer time to make it happen and promote it, would guarantee a successful first run with high attendance.

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