Monday, July 26, 2010

Update: An Additional Meeting On Tuesday Night To Discuss Santa Monica Ciclovia Planning, and Same Night Issue Is Tacked To End Of City Council Agenda

Things are coming together fast. In addition to the Monday night bike committee meeting, Tuesday night there will also be a specific committee meeting on Santa Monica Ciclovia proposal, to start ground work for planning, also at the Ken Edwards Center, from 6-8pm. The same evening, as a final item on the agenda, the City Council will also be discussing moving forward with Ciclovia. If you're local and not going to the event in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, there are great opportunities here to voice support for bringing a Ciclovia to Santa Monica. I'm pretty amazed actually how quickly this is all coming together, and have to hand it to Richard McKinnen (and McKeown for appointing Richard to the parks commission) for being a big part of jump starting this.

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