Monday, August 30, 2010

Upcoming Meetings That Addess Bike Route Through Proposed Agensys Property

This Wednesday is the Santa Monica Planning Commission meeting, of which the Agensys proposal and surrounding city yards area will be a central topic. Some people from Spoke are planning to show up, and like all issues that are contentious, the more bodies we have in support the better.

Planning Commission Meeting
Wednesday, September 1st, 7PM

Santa Monica City Council Chambers, SM Civic Center on Main Street

The next city council meetings are the 14th and 28th of September, with the final decision for Agensys lease being on made on the 28th.

There are a few alternative proposals being talked about, from integrating with already proposed pedestrian path, an adjacent bike path, to a fully separate bike path at southern property edge. Each idea has it's own challenges, but if we don't get bike connectivity here through to Michigan, I think it will be a real missed opportunity toward building safe routes to the Crossroads school and SAMOHI campus.

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