Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some Quick Updates: Mayor's Bike Summit On Monday, Santa Monica Ciclovia Campaign Launches Website, and First Life Before License Planning Meeting This Weekend

• The Santa Monica Ciclovia Planning Effort Launches Website
Momentum and planning efforts are continuing to build, and the website finally gives it all a central home.
    • This Sunday Bikeside is having it's first planning meeting for Life B4 License Campaign
    Sunday 8/15, 1-3 PM @ Hollywood Adventist Church. I won't be able to attend this weekend, but plan to be involved in this campaign, which I think is a critically important issue. I hope a lot of people turn out to help make it happen.


    • Mayor Villaraigosa's Bike Summit On Monday Morning @ 9AM
    9:00 - 11:00 a.m. on August 16, 2010 in the Board Room of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles 90012

    LA Streetsblog has some different perspectives on this event, and has been covering the development of this from when Villaraigosa was first injured after a cab cut him off while he was riding a bike on Venice Blvd. Alex Thompson has critisized the timing and planning of this bike summit, and I tend to agree (it certainly doesn't fit my schedule very well, or anyone with a day job for that matter). It's not planned for the best turnout or outcome. However I also think it is a step, and I would hope it leads to better things down the road. I do think the highest turnout possible of the cycling community is in our best interest since we will directly have the attention of a man who has the power to actually make things happen.

    Some readers may recall a year ago for April Fools I made a prank blog post of Villaraigosa finally acknowledging the importance of supporting cycling in Los Angeles after being completely silent on the matter for so long. Some people believed it, others knew right away it was a joke, but it was something that at the time felt sadly absurd that he might speak so strongly about bicycling. Well now about a year later the Mayor of Los Angeles has battle scars from street riding and is hosting a bike summit.  Whether it is well planned or not, I think we have to capitalize on this opportunity. I'll be taking time off work to be there.
    Villaraigosa also announced via his twitter account, a google page for collecting questions and voting their popularity, that will supplement the questions of those who attend. If you can't make it, or even if you can, it's another opprotunity for input.

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      TamaraEden said...

      Hi Gary,

      I can't remember if the last time I commented I got an error.

      My first cousin is actually working on the City of SanMo's bike plan this next year. He just got his Masters in Urban Planning or something under the UP umbrella. Anyway, he had no idea I was getting into bike culture and love to ride my bike.

      I gave him some links to blogs and such and have been sharing your stuff with him. Don't be surprised if he emails you some day for an interview, talk, ideas, etc. :)