Monday, August 30, 2010

Update On Malibu Discussion, and Malibu Safety Commission Meeting Wednesday Night

Some people have been asking what's up the Malibu situation. I admittedly got sidetracked with other issues, my brain is often trying to be in far too many places at the same time. The latest is that an informal meeting was held with Ted Rogers of BikingInLA and the LACBC board, along with safety commissioners Susan Tellem and Chris Frost, LaGrange member and BAC Vice Chair Jay Slater, and a representative from the Sheriff’s Department.

The gist of this meeting from talking to Ted is that it was a pretty productive conversation with no animosity. It was acknowledged that problem drivers are what pose the greatest risk, and an additional sheriff is being brought on to help police PCH. Cyclists would not be given any kind of special targeting, but if they see rules broken that pose a risk, mainly running reds, they will hand out tickets. There was apparently some continued misunderstanding of riding more than one abreast. However after hearing the LAPD interprets 2 abreast riding to be legal (there is no law explicitly forbidding riding more than one abreast), there was openness to talk across departments to ensure consistency in law enforcement across PCH, which is policed by Malibu, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica, depending on which portion you're on.

Cycling will be discussed at this weeks public Malibu Safety Commission meeting for those who want to give input. I'm torn with the other Wednesday meeting, to discuss a bike connection to Michigan in Santa Monica, but I think it would be good if we had a few cyclists representing in Malibu as well.

Wednesday 6:00PM
Malibu City Hall - Council Chambers
23815 Stuart Ranch Road


Rach Stevenson said...

I'll be attending the Malibu meeting. Am gonna have to take one of those bus things I think.

Gary said...

Glad you can go. I believe it is the Metro 534 that picks up from SM and goes down PCH through Malibu. Our last bike touring/camping trip we met a bike camper who skipped all the aggro PCH drivers by taking bus until terminus and only riding the last little bit to Sycamore Canyon.

I think the best thing is keep a level head, a lot of us were pissed by the characterization of cyclists on the facebook page Tellem created, but moving forward I hope conversation can be civil and solutions oriented.

danceralamode said...

I'm also planning on attending, and I'm hoping to bike the whole way. Does anyone know what the bike parking situation is there?

I find it hard to begin a civil conversation with someone who wrote off myself and a group of people I belong to as criminals on the whole. I still believe she owes a public apology to cyclists everywhere, and I'm not backing down from that.

I can't believe that someone comes out spreading vicious hate and we all let it go because she agrees to meet with us. Yes, the problem is safety in Malibu, but the other problem is people who should know better than spread such violent hate and are in positions of such power.

I'm still extremely angry. If we demand her public apology and admittance of the mistake she made, we set a precedent that spreading this bigatry and prejudice is unacceptable and inexcusable.

Gary said...

I'm inclined to agree, but ultimately I just want to see safer streets, and worry if it never moves past being different "sides" arguing, than it just delays the real change that has to happen.

I can see your point of view and respect that, I was certainly fuming pissed off when I first stumbled on the whole thing, and it shouldn't be acceptable someone in that position could make a page like that. But I also find a strength in a sort of zen attitude toward things as well. What's best I don't know, I just write my thoughts.

If you are going to bike, I don't know if you have done PCH before, but it is a different beast than other rides in LA. Especially with it being later in the day, I highly recommend very powerful front and rear lighting, and think bus or bus/bike is probably safest bet if going car-free. PCH is poorly lit as it goes dark, and the drivers are fast (when it's not jammed and going 8mph) and shoulder conditions are inconsistent.

danceralamode said...

Thanks for advice. I've been on PCH a lot, but never during rush hour. I've been on it mornings and afternoons on the weekend and at night with Wolfpack and didn't find it too daunting, but those rush hour maniacs are a cause for concern...I might see how it feels when I get out there. (I'll bring my dolla fity just in case.)